Tall Building are an independent, fast-growing firm based in Balham with an office beside the main station.  We believe in being honest and transparent to deliver a great service for a reasonable fee.

We manage a mixture of individual flats and houses for landlords as well as whole blocks for freeholders.  The block management side of the business started because many of our landlords were dissatisfied with the poor management they received at their blocks and asked us to help.  The blocks we manage are all close to the office and our excellent transport links make it easy to visit our properties easily and often.

We are very proud to say that the feedback we have received from blocks that we have taken over has been very positive.  In particular our hands on, personal approach is very much appreciated by tenants and landlords.  We have had one change of staff in the last 10 years and people appreciate the continuity of talking to the same person each time they have a query or concern.  We cannot promise that errors will never occur, but if they do, we will work hard to fix them and make sure they don’t happen twice.

The transition period can be tricky. We have a checklist of documents that we ask the outgoing managing agent to provide us so we can take over quickly.  In practice, we have experienced a wide range of handovers; from just a key (!) to a full-set of documents.  We have become adept at focussing on the most important matters in the first weeks and systematically work through all the areas that must be covered over the first months.

Over those first months, we review all previous expenses and try to reduce the annual expenditure wherever possible.  Surprisingly large savings have often been made by, for example, re-broking the building insurance, changing utility providers or just by better preventative maintenance and contract management. We work closely with the Freeholders during this process and ensure that we have agreement before making any changes.

Over the years we have built a team of reliable and trustworthy contractors and legal & professional providers which are all invaluable in looking after our blocks. The works they undertake for us are keenly priced, but not to the extent where it would affect the quality of work provided. Again, the goal is always a great service for a reasonable (and transparent) fee.  We ensure that the contractors maintain up to date training and are fully aware of the constantly changing building regulations.  

If you would like to talk to us about managing your block, or speak to some of our references, please call us in the office on 020 8673 7353.


Day to day building maintenance

To ensure works are carried out to a good standard and without delay.

Cyclical property maintenance

To ensure that works are carried out as stipulated within the lease.

Re-visit regular maintenance contracts – such as lift service contracts or security contracts.

Tender for new services at an agreed period (say every 5 years) to ensure the best service for the best price.

Record keeping

To maintain books and records which are open to inspection at any time.

Ground rent and Service charges

To ensure collection as per the lease terms and to report on any arrears.

Payments on behalf of the Client

Subject to the availability of funds we will pay all rates, insurance premiums, wages, maintenance bills, utility bills and all other outgoings for which the Client would be responsible for.


Preparation of expenditure and income for each accounting period for submission to the Clients accountant.

Budget preparation

Prepare budgets in advance for all anticipated costs of complying with the obligations under the lease for each year.


To ensure the common parts and building are covered by a current insurance policy


Ensure that all regulation documentation held for the property is current and all works are carried out to ensure that the property meets current regulations.

Property Inspections

To visit the property regularly to ensure that day to day contracts are carried out to a good standard and that there are no maintenance issues that have not been reported.